Best Place
to Sell Royalties

To determine the best place to sell royalties, it’s important to understand what makes selling royalties at one company different from another. Below are some of the things you should consider when deciding to sell your royalties to determine if you are at the best place to sell royalties.

Multiple Buyers

The most important thing when determining the best way to sell royalties is to ensure that the place you sell has access to multiple buyers.  Nearly all websites online are set up by an individual royalty buyer who claims to offer “top dollar” for your royalties. The problem with this approach is that getting a single offer for your royalties is rarely the best way to get top dollar for your royalties. To get the best price possible, you want to ensure that the place you sell your royalties has access to the largest market of buyers possible so they can compete to offer you the highest price. If you were selling a house, you wouldn’t want a single buyer to see your property and make an offer, you want as many buyers as possible competing to pay the highest price.

Non-purchasing entities

Another important factor to consider when finding the best place to sell royalties is whether the entity you are dealing with purchases royalties themselves.  If an entity is offering to purchase your royalties for themselves, they have an incentive to pay you the least amount possible. If an entity is helping you with the process of selling your royalties and they take a commission, they have an incentive to get you the highest price possible for your royalties.   Most websites offering to purchase your royalties are doing so for their benefit so they work to pay the least amount they can.  This means you are leaving significant value on the table by working with these companies.

Best Place to Sell Royalties

The best place to sell royalties is through US Mineral Exchange.  We recommend their services because they work with thousands of buyers from all over the country.  Few companies have ensured they are providing the most value for the royalty owner which is why we recommend US Mineral Exchange.

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