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Have you received an offer in the mail from San Saba Royalty?  You may be wondering why you received an offer to purchase your mineral rights in the mail and what you should do about.   We’ll help explain why you received these offers, and what to do next!

Why you got a San Saba Royalty Offer

The reason you got an offer from San Saba Royalty is simple, they want to purchase your mineral rights.   But how did they know to contact you?   San Saba royalty finds your information through publicly available information such as the tax records.  Once they know you own the mineral rights, they will send you a letter and draft check offering to purchase your mineral rights.   They did not single you out as a special case, you are one of thousands of people who they send offer letters to every month.

About a San Saba Royalty Offer

After you receive a San Saba royalty offer, the next question is whether you consider it.  The answer is that you should absolutely consider their offer.  We have seen offers come from San Saba royalty that no one else in the industry could match and it worked out to be a great deal for the seller.   Anytime you get an offer from a legitimate company like San Saba, you should consider it as one of your available options.    However, keep in mind that you also want to compare the San Saba Royalty offer with offers from other buyers.

Just like any other offer you receive in the mail, you are working with a single mineral rights buyer.  It’s important that you work with a large audience of buyers so that you can see what the market is actually willing to pay.   While you should consider the San Saba Royalty offer, you want to ensure you’re getting the best price by letting buyers compete to pay you the highest price.

Benefits of a San Saba Royalty Offer

The primary benefit of an offer from San Saba Royalty is that they make it easy.  Without doing any work or research, you can quickly get a check from them for your royalties.   If you want the quickest and easiest option, San Saba Royalty might be the best option for you.  However, if you want to see what other offers are out there, we recommend finding other buyers who can make competing offers and then comparing these offers.

Alternatives to a San Saba Royalty Offer

If you are considering selling mineral rights or royalties, we highly recommend that you get your property in front of a large number of buyers.  Why is this important?  Unlike an offers in the mail that represent a single mineral rights buyer, getting your property in front of a large number of buyers will ensure that you get fair market value for your mineral rights.   When buyers compete against one another to pay you the highest price, that means a fair price for you and more money in your pocket!

We recommend that you list your property online with US Mineral Exchange.  The reason is that you can quickly create a single listing and get offers from multiple buyers.    Putting your property online through US Mineral Exchange will get your mineral rights in front of thousands of buyers from all over the country ensuring that you get fair market value.

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