Mineral Rights Value
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Are you trying to determine your mineral rights value in Ohio? Figuring out how much your minerals are worth can be a tricky process. The reason is that there is no “Zillow” of mineral rights and there is no way to determine the exact value of mineral rights online. You may assume that you’ll find this information online but mineral rights value is a closely guarded number within the Oil and Gas industry.  The reason is that oil and gas operators do not want it to be public knowledge how much they are paying to lease mineral rights. If you really want to determine the mineral rights value in Ohio you have to first consider what type of mineral rights you have.

Value of Leasing Mineral Rights in Ohio

To determine the mineral rights value of leasing mineral rights in Ohio, there are many factors to consider. However,  figuring out the value of leasing mineral rights in Ohio is no different than in Texas, Oklahoma, or any other state where mineral leasing is occurring. The value of leasing minerals in Ohio does however differ from other states because of the Utica shale and the increasing interest from the Oil and Gas industry. Aubrey McClendon’s new company has taken a recent interest in the Utica shale which could increase leasing activity and the value within Ohio.

Check out our Value of Leasing Mineral Rights guide to fully understand the value of leasing mineral rights in Ohio.

Value of Selling Mineral Rights in Ohio

If you have considered the factors of selling mineral rights and decided to sell, how much are your mineral rights worth?  The value of selling mineral rights instead of leasing mineral rights should be considerably higher since you are giving up the future value your mineral rights may produce if a well is drilled and proven successful. Since you have no future right to income from selling mineral rights you want to get the absolute highest price possible from selling your mineral rights.

To determine the value of selling your mineral rights, check out our value of selling mineral rights article which covers this topic in depth.

Value of Selling Royalties in Ohio

Selling your royalties to meet a short term cash need can be a good option. If you have decided to sell royalties in Ohio you have a number of options to consider. Unlike leasing mineral rights and selling mineral rights, the buyer for your royalties could be a number of buyers from across the United States.  Royalties are already producing and many investors are more concerned with the cash flow your royalties are generating than where you royalties are located.

To determine how much your royalties are worth, our value of royalties article will walk you through all the important factors.

Best Way to Determine Mineral Rights Value in Ohio

If you truly want to determine mineral rights value in Ohio, the best way is to get your property in front of a large number of industry professionals who will compete to pay you the highest price possible. An offer received in the mail or someone coming to your door with an offer is rarely the best you can do. We recommend listing your property online at US Mineral Exchange where it will be viewed by thousands of potential buyers who all compete to offer you the best price. To get the highest value for your property you want to ensure your working with industry professionals which is why we recommend the services of US Mineral Exchange.

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