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If you own mineral rights, you may be interested in finding the best place to sell mineral rights.  . We’ll cover everything you need to know about selling mineral rights.  This free guide will help you figure out how to maximize the value when you sell and then tell you the best place to sell mineral rights.

Value of Selling Mineral Rights

Before you start looking for the best place to sell mineral rights, you really need to understand how the value of your mineral rights is determined.   Unlike the housing market, there is no information available that will clearly tell you how much the value of selling your mineral rights is worth.   In addition, in the oil and gas industry the prices being paid for mineral rights can change rapidly.   In some areas we have seen mineral rights selling for $5,000/acre and then months later prices drop significantly.   With no reliable information and prices moving so rapidly, how do you determine the value of selling mineral rights?

The best way to determine the value of selling mineral rights is to get your property in front of a large number of buyers.   In a market where there is no reliable information and prices change quickly, you want many buyers to view your mineral rights for sale.   This allows multiple buyers to compete to pay you the highest price for your property.   This ensures that you get a fair value for your mineral rights.   The only way to know for sure you are getting a fair price is to have buyers competing so that you know you are getting a true market price.

The Best Place to Sell Mineral Rights

Now that you know your mineral rights need to be in front of a large number of buyers, how do you find those buyers?   The best place to sell mineral rights is US Mineral Exchange.  The reason is that their online service allows you to connect with thousands of buyers from all over the country.  These mineral rights buyers are oil and gas professionals who will compete with one another to pay you the best price.   By listing your property US Mineral Exchange, you are ensuring that you get the maximum value for your property and a true fair market value.

The best part about listing your property at US Mineral Exchange is that they make the process simple.   By creating a single listing you are getting access to a large group of buyers.   In addition, US Mineral Exchange helps mineral owners like you with the entire process.   They will help guide you through the sales process, evaluate offers, and negotiate the best possible price on your behalf.

If you’re looking for the best place to sell mineral rights, we highly recommend US Mineral Exchange

Where NOT to sell mineral rights

There are a number of ways to sell mineral rights that are not in a mineral owners best interests.

Local Brokers:  While a local broker may seem like a good option, these brokers typically have a very limited network of buyers.   Local brokers typically have a handful of buyers they work with.   A local broker typically does not have a large network of buyers at their disposal which means you are likely not getting fair market value.  In addition, a local broker will sometimes be working on behalf of a buyer to pay the LEAST amount of money possible.

We buy mineral rights Websites:  There are thousands of websites that claim to offer “top dollar” and a “quick close” for your mineral rights.   As a mineral owner, this is one of the worst ways you can sell mineral rights.   The reason is that these buyers almost always offer below market value.  These websites represent a single buyer (some claim to represent multiple but don’t), and they are only trying to pay you the least amount possible.   Would you rather get a single offer from a single buyer or have thousands of people view your listing and entertain multiple offers so you can pick the right one for you?

Offer to Sell Mineral Rights in the Mail:   Just like the individual websites, getting an offer in the mail to purchase mineral rights is one of the worst ways to sell your mineral rights.  An offer to sell mineral rights in the mail is a single buyer who knows the area well.  They will target mineral owners with a direct mail campaign and typically include a draft check.  They make it very simple to sign the sales agreement and then take the draft check to the bank.   It seems like easy cash!   While they make the process simple, they are also taking advantage of you in the process.   They know they are making an offer far below market and they will turn around and quickly sell your property for thousands more than they paid you.

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