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If you are a mineral owner in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Ohio, you can learn more about what’s going on in oil and gas using the articles below.  At Marcellus Mineral Owners we work to keep mineral owners up to date on the latest oil and gas news.

Saudi Arabia cuts Oil Prices

Saudi Arabia cuts Oil Prices When Saudi Arabia cuts oil prices it does so because it wants to protect market share.  We have seen the price of oil move back and forth a lot in 2015.  As we entered the year the price of oil as quickly moving down from over $100/barrel in 2014.   That decline has continued through most of 2015.   We saw a slight bump back to $60/barrel but that rally was short lived. At this point when Saudi [...]


Crude Oil Inventory Builds

Crude Oil Inventory Builds For weeks now we have seen what happens when Crude Oil Inventory Builds.  The price of oil has been taking a beating lately.   All over the Marcellus there has been a marked decrease in royalty checks due to the dropping price of oil.    Mineral owners are starting to feel the pain caused by dropping oil prices.  This is causing the market value of mineral rights to decrease. Oil Price Volatility Over the last few months we have [...]


Oil prices falling rapidly

Oil prices falling rapidly With oil prices falling rapidly the impact is being felt across the entire industry.   With oil and gas jobs getting cut across the country and operators struggling to cut back on costs the pain is expected to continue.   After the price of oil bottomed near $43/barrel a few months ago we started the slow climb back towards $60.  In just the last few days of trading we have seen the price of oil start to fall back [...]


Oil hits 2015 high at $60 barrel

Oil hits 2015 high at $60 barrel Oil closed above $60 a barrel making a new high for 2015.   In recent weeks the price of oil has been steadily climbing.    Many industry insiders have been calling the bottom now for a couple weeks.   Whether we continue the upward trend from here is uncertain but things do appear to be moving in the right direction. Future of Oil Prices The future of oil and gas prices is never certain. [...]


Oil and Gas Market Update – February 2015

Oil and Gas Market Update February 2015 With continued weakness in the oil and gas markets, we are focusing on oil prices to drive activity.   Layoffs are starting to shake up the oil and gas industry and we are likely in the beginning stages.   As the price of oil remains low, we will see continued weakness in the oil and gas market with lower demand for mineral rights.   Right now the mineral buyers are in a better position than [...]


Oil up almost 20% in 3 days

Oil up almost 20% in 3 days Don't blink!  With oil up almost 20% in 3 days industry experts are starting to wonder if this is a temporary blip or if we've actually found the bottom of the oil market.  For months on end now we have seen the price of oil sharply decline from over $100/barrel to less than $50/barrel.  We might now be seeing the price of oil stabilize.  Even if the price of oil were to drop back [...]


Crude Oil Shoots Higher

Crude Oil Shoots Higher When crude oil shoots higher, that's good news for mineral owners!  We've recently discussed how the price of oil is affecting mineral owners and what you can do about it (hint: not much!).   With oil moving into bear territory and hitting multi-year lows, it's easy to get discouraged with the outlook on the oil and gas market.  Fortunately it's not all bad news.   Many minerals owners are still finding success selling mineral rights at US [...]


How Capital Budgets Effect Mineral Owners

How Capital Budgets Effect Mineral Owners It's important to understand how capital budgets effect mineral owners.   As a mineral owner, it can be difficult to fully understand everything that goes on in the oil and gas industry and how it effects you.   We recently talked about how rig count can affect mineral owners, but oil and gas operators capital budgets can also be another source of information for you to look at as well.  To better understand how capital [...]


Focus on US Rig Count

Focus on US Rig Count If you've been keeping up with the price of oil recently, you've noticed that there has been a huge drop in value.   While the market is working out the true price of oil, the focus on US Rig Count has intensified.   Baker Hughes releases rig count information that let's the market know whether the count is moving up or down.   While Baker Hughes is just one provider of rigs within the United States, [...]


The truth about the price of Oil

The truth about the price of Oil If you check any news outlet, you've likely seen numerous stories about the price of oil.  Headlines that range from oil heading to less than $35/barrel to predictions that oil will quickly recover to $100/barrel in the next 12 to 18 months.   With oil decreasing significantly in such a short period of time, the focus is quickly turning to why the price of oil has fallen so dramatically and how we are going to [...]