How to Value
Mineral Rights

If you’re trying to determine how to value mineral rights, we can help guide you through the process. Determining the value of your mineral rights can be difficult for a number of reasons.  Below we’ll help break down the value of mineral rights.

No Zillow for Mineral Rights

Before we jump into how to value mineral rights it’s important to first note how NOT to value mineral rights. If you’re searching online for the “Zillow” or mineral rights or a website that will let you type in your details and get a number, you can end your search now. A website like this doesn’t exist for a number of reasons. If you want to determine the value of mineral rights, keep reading below for the different options available.

We Buy Minerals Websites

One way to get the value for your mineral rights is to contact one of the hundreds, if not thousands, of “we buy mineral rights” websites. Each website will ask you to fill out some information about your mineral rights and claim to provide a “top dollar” offer within 24 to 48 hours. While you can at least get some idea of the value going this route, these offers are representative of a single buyer and do not represent the maximum amount you could receive. We recommend against these types of websites because they may lead you to believe your mineral rights are worth significantly less than they really are.

Local Mineral Rights Broker

You may be find a local mineral rights broker who offers to evaluate your property for you.  Similar to a we buy minerals type website, brokers only represent a single person and may not have a clear picture of the real value of your property. There are some good brokers who may be able to give you a ball park price point but make sure to ask them how familiar they are with your specific area.

How to Value Mineral Rights Accurately

Since mineral rights value is not something you can easily find online, there is really only one way to accurately determine the value of mineral rights. The best way to find the value is by getting your property in front of a large market of buyers. Getting your property in front of a large market of buyers will allow the whole market to view your property, make their own assessment, and submit an offer. This means that buyers across the country are competing to pay you the highest price possible. Through this process you will discover how much various buyers are willing to pay and also what the highest amount a buyer is willing to pay when buyers compete.  This is the only true way to determine what the current market value of your mineral rights is.

Our Recommendation for How to Value Mineral Rights

Our recommendation for valuing mineral rights by getting your property in front of as many buyers as possible is by listing your property online with US Mineral Exchange. They provide mineral owners with an outlet that allows them to reach thousands of buyers by creating a single listing. This method of valuing your mineral rights allows you to test the market and determine how much your mineral rights are truly worth.

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