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If you’re trying to find mineral rights value in Pennsylvania, it can be difficult to know where to look. Unlike the housing market where you can easily see what your home may be worth, mineral rights leasing and sales prices are not recorded publicly. This can make finding out the value of your mineral rights very difficult. The reason this information is not recorded publicly is that it’s not required and oil and gas companies purposely do not disclose this information.

Below we will help you better understand the factors that affect mineral rights value in Pennsylvania. There are three types of situations you could be in and we’ll provide insight into each of these below.

Value of Leasing Mineral Rights in Pennsylvania

If you need to determine the value of leasing mineral rights in Pennsylvania, it’s important to consider the factors that affect the value. Some of these factors include the type of production (oil or gas), operators working in the area, oil and gas prices, and a number of other things.Each of these factors will play a role in how much an operator is willing to pay you to lease your mineral rights. In addition, speaking with those around you may provide a hint about how much you could get for leasing your mineral rights.

To find out the real mineral rights value in Pennsylvania, we recommend checking out our value of leasing mineral rights article which will cover all the factors in depth.

Value of Selling Mineral Rights in Pennsylvania

Once you have carefully considered whether selling mineral rights is the right decision, you now need to know much selling mineral rights in Pennsylvania is worth. Selling your mineral rights is different than leasing mineral rights because you are giving up the future production (and income) that your mineral rights could bring. This means that selling your mineral rights should bring you significantly more money than simply leasing them because you will never see any additional cash from your mineral rights.

The same factors that affect leasing will apply to selling, but there are a few other issues to consider. If your property has been leased in the past that can increase the value. If the property is currently leased that could also increase the value depending on the terms of the lease. Our article about the value of selling mineral rights will help you navigate all the factors you should consider.

Value of Selling Royalties in Pennsylvania

Selling your royalties for immediate cash can make sense depending on your personal situation.  By selling your royalties now, you get a large lump sum cash payment based on the amount of money you would receive from your royalty checks in the future. Unlike leasing or selling mineral rights, the location of your royalties is less important. The amount you receive each month is the most important factor that will determine how much your royalties are worth.  In addition, there are some other factors that can affect what a buyer is willing to pay for your royalties.

If you want to figure out all the factors that affect the value of selling royalties in Pennsylvania, check out our article on the value of selling royalties which covers these topics in depth.

Best Way to Determine Mineral Rights Value in Pennsylvania

The best way to determine mineral rights value is by getting your property in front of a large audience.  If you were going to sell your house, would you market the property to a single buyer and expect to get the best price?  You want to get your mineral rights in front of as many buyers as possible so they can all compete to pay you the highest price.  This is why we recommend listing your property with a service like US Mineral Exchange who works exclusively for mineral owners by helping take their property to a large market.   Getting exposure for your property is very important and a service like US Mineral Exchange can get your property in front of thousands of buyers simply by creating a listing through their service.

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