American Energy Partners

Aubrey McClendon’s new company, American Energy Partners, is currently looking to acquire leases in Ohio’s Utica shale.  Under the Utica LLC name, McClendon and American Energy Partners are actively acquiring lease positions in Ohio with the goal of drilling a large number of wells.

$5 Billion Valuation for American Energy Partners

McClendon’s new company has quickly achieved a $5 billion dollar valuation while raising close to $2 billion dollars through equity funding.  American Energy Partners, and their subsidiary Utica LLC, now have a lot of cash to work with and will likely be aggressively acquiring lease positions throughout the Utica and Marcellus formations.   McClendon had a history of aggressive lease acquisition when he ran Chesapeake.   His new company will likely be no different and with over $2 Billion of cash to use they will have no problems paying for the leases they are targeting.

Leasing Mineral Rights in Ohio

The first order of business for McClendon’s new business has been acquiring leases in Ohio.  American Energy partners has already secured 110,000 acres and his subsidiary Utica LLC has secured another 130,000 acres.  This is big news if you are a mineral owner in Ohio.  You may have been approached by a landman interested in acquiring your minerals or offering to lease mineral rights on your property.  As a mineral owner, it’s important to consider the terms of the lease before signing anything.   While there may be an excess amount of cash available right now, securing a lease with the highest lease bonus is very important.

Value of Mineral Rights

While the value of leasing mineral rights is made up from a number of things, a new operator with aggressive plans to drill and a hoard of cash is always a positive sign for mineral owners.  However, one of the best ways to extract the most value out of your property is to negotiate your lease.   Negotiating a lease can be tricky because it’s important to know about what’s going on in your area and also how to negotiate for the best price possible.   The best way to get the highest lease bonus possible for your mineral rights is by listing them online with a reputable company who will work to get you the highest price possible.  Companies like US Mineral Exchange help mineral owners with the process of negotiating the best price and provide mineral owners with the resources they need to get the best price possible.

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