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If you are a mineral owner in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Ohio, you can learn more about what’s going on in oil and gas using the articles below.  At Marcellus Mineral Owners we work to keep mineral owners up to date on the latest oil and gas news.

Why did my Royalty Checks go down?

Why did my Royalty Checks go down? Have you found yourself wondering why did my royalty check go down?  If so, you're not alone!  We've been getting a lot of recent questions from mineral owners who wonder why their royalty checks are decreasing value.   Unfortunately, you are feeling the affect of the price of oil dropping to record lows under $50/barrel.   What happens is that your royalty checks are based on two primary drivers: 1.  Oil and Gas [...]


T Boone Pickens Top 3 Stock Picks

T Boone Pickens Top 3 Stock Picks Happened to notice the price of Oil and Gas lately?  OUCH!  With oil and gas prices trending lower for months on end, the common question we've been getting from mineral owners is about when the pain will end.  Unfortunately no one know!   With lower oil and gas prices there is definitely some concern in the industry about how long the prices will stay this low and what it means for mineral owners. Even if [...]


Oil Prices Taking Toll on Mineral Rights Buyers

Oil Prices Taking Toll on Mineral Rights Buyers With oil and gas prices continuing to plunge, the picture is beginning to become more clear for mineral owners.  The opportunity to sell mineral rights or sell royalties for the highest value may be on hold.   As oil prices continue to fall, many mineral rights buyers we speak too are already being more cautious. Oil Prices Affecting Mineral Rights Buyers After speaking with a few mineral rights buyers, we are hearing a [...]


Chesapeake Sells 413,000 Acres to Southwestern

Chesapeake Sells 413,000 Acres to Southwestern Chesapeake (CHK) energy recently announced the sale of 413,000 acres to Southwestern Energy Company (SWN).  This sale represents one of the largest acquisitions in the Marcellus and Utica formations for 2014.   Chesapeake has been working on fixing their balance sheet and getting their debt under control.   The sale to Southwestern Energy company of their Marcellus and Utica acreage positions will certainly help them achieve that.  Ever since Robert Lawler took over at the [...]


Marcellus Drilling News

Marcellus Drilling News If you are looking for additional information about what's happening in the Marcellus, we highly recommend Marcellus Drilling News.   There are a number of websites available when you're searching for new about what is happening in the Marcellus Shale.  The reason we like Marcellus Drilling News is that they have fair and balanced information that covers a wide variety of topics. You can find their website here: Landowner Groups: Marcellus Drilling News has a lot of information [...]


Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Attorney

Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Attorney Are you looking for a Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Attorney?  Before you pick and attorney, there are some very important things you should consider. Leasing Mineral Rights in Pennsylvania? If you have been approached to lease your mineral rights, you may start looking for a Pennsylvania oil and gas attorney.  This is a big mistake!  We have seen multiple lease agreements where their "expert attorney" reviewed the lease and it had numerous problems.  Missing pugh clauses, horrible [...]


CSX Train Derails Spilling Oil

CSX Train Derails Spilling Oil A CSX Train Derails Spilling Oil near Lynchburg Virginia, then explodes into flames.   It's reported that there were approximately 15 cars on the train carry oil and many were seen in flames.  There were no reported injuries but 300+ people were evacuated and moved away from the wreckage and subsequent fire. Environmental Impact The environmental impact of a crash like this is likely to be a big topic of conversation in the coming days.  There [...]


BP Exits Utica in Trumbull County Ohio

BP Exits Utica in Trumbull County Ohio As reported on, BP has decided not to pursue further drilling in the Utica Shale.   This comes as BP spent time acquiring a large acreage position in Trumbull county but disappointing results has forced it to exit the play.  This comes as a result of some initial wells that were drilled and the results were not what BP was looking for.   Since BP has decided to exit Trumbull County Ohio, this [...]


Marcellus Mineral Owners Newsletter

Marcellus Mineral Owners Newsletter Are you a mineral owner in the Marcellus Shale?  Our website offers free information and resources for mineral owners on topics that are important to you.   Our goal is to provide content that will help the mineral owner determine the value of their mineral rights, and the information they need.  Whether you just want to learn more or you're interested in leasing mineral rights or selling mineral rights, our free information can be a very valuable [...]


Record IPO Values for Marcellus Shale Companies

Record IPO Values for Marcellus Shale Companies With the rush to produce oil and gas from the Marcellus Shale, it's also important to look at the companies who are operating in the Marcellus.  A number of operators from all over the country are actively permitting and drilling wells in the Marcellus but there are some newer companies that are also taking part.   The large amount of reserves in the Marcellus and the demand for energy stocks has lead investors to [...]