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Marcellus Mineral Owners helps people who own mineral rights in PA, WV, and OH. Our goal is to help mineral owners learn more about their mineral rights so they can make informed decisions. We provide information about selling mineral rights, leasing mineral rights, and mineral rights value.

Antero Credit Line Increases to $4 Billion

Antero Credit Line Increases to $4 Billion Antero has announced that their credit limit has been increase from $1 Billion to $4 Billion. With an Antero Credit Line Increase to $4 Billion, Antero now has more flexibility in the Marcellus Shale to lease mineral rights and drill more properties. According to market watch, there are 26 banks who are funding Antero's credit line. Antero Credit Worthiness The credit increase for Antero gives them more options as they pursue drilling and development in [...]


Offer from Dale Operating Company

Offer from Dale Operating Company If you received an offer from Dale Operating Company in the mail, there are a few things you should consider before making any decisions. If you are interested in selling mineral rights or selling royalties, you need to carefully consider all of your available options. Your mineral rights could be worth a significant amount of money and you want to ensure you get the highest possible value for them. Why you got an offer? When most [...]


Buy Mineral Rights

Buy Mineral Rights Are you in the market to buyer mineral rights? With the Marcellus Shale booming and America becoming more oil and gas independent every day, many individuals and companies are considering buying mineral rights. Whether you want to invest in royalty income for a return on investment, or you're a seasoned professional who wants to purchase mineral rights, there's been no better time to buyer mineral rights. The place we recommend to buy mineral rights is:  www.USMineralExchange.com The reason [...]


Determine Mineral Rights Ownership

Determine Mineral Rights Ownership If you have ever inherited property, you may be trying to determine mineral rights ownership. If you own the mineral rights, your property could be worth significantly more than if mineral rights are no longer attached to the property.  We frequently get questions from mineral owners about whether they own the mineral rights for their property. This post will tell you some of the tricks to determining ownership without spending any money to run title! How to [...]


Oil and Gas Attorney

Oil and Gas Attorney Are you looking for an oil and gas attorney?  Many mineral owners are looking for an oil and gas attorney because they don't know where to turn. Before you do anything read this entire article. We'll help you better understand when you should hire an oil and gas attorney and when you should find someone else.  Below we have a number of situations that may describe yours.  Find the section that best describes why you are looking [...]


Evaluating Lease Offers

Evaluating Lease Offers Have you received an offer to lease your mineral rights?  If so, you may be wondering if the offer is fair and if you should accept it. Evaluating lease offers can be a difficult task because there is not a lot of information available online. In addition, there are usually no local resources that can help you evaluate lease offers and determine if the offer is fair.   We'll help you better understand a lease offer and also [...]


Value of Royalties in Harrison County West Virginia

Value of Royalties in Harrison County West Virginia If you are receiving oil and gas royalty checks in Harrison County, you may be wondering about the value of your royalties. The value of royalties in Harrison County West Virginia depends on a few factors. However, with some basic information we can help you determine how much your royalties are worth. How to Value Royalties in Harrison County WV To get a rough idea of the value of your royalties, you need [...]


Offer to Sell Mineral Rights in West Virginia

Offer to Sell Mineral Rights in West Virginia If you have been approached with an offer to sell mineral rights in West Virginia, it's very important that you do not immediately sell your mineral rights. There are many brokers and landman who make significant money by offering mineral owners below market prices and then selling your property for much more than they paid you. If you have received an offer to sell mineral rights in West Virginia, this post will help [...]


West Virginia Royalty Buyers

West Virginia Royalty Buyers Are you trying to find West Virginia Royalty Buyers? Whether you're trying to sell royalties or you have mineral rights, this post will help guide you to find the right buyer for your royalties or mineral rights. In addition, we'll discuss some of the important things you need to know about selling royalties. How to find West Virginia Royalty Buyers There are a number of ways to location West Virginia Royalty Buyers.Unfortunately,  not all of the ways [...]


Buy Mineral Rights in Ohio

Buy Mineral Rights in Ohio Do you buy mineral rights in Ohio?  There are a number of different ways to buy mineral rights in Ohio. Whether you know brokers in the area, go to the courthouse to find mineral owners, or have friends in the industry, the process of buying mineral rights can be time consuming. Find the exact property you want that fits into your portfolio can be difficult. Best way to Buy Mineral Rights in Ohio If you're looking [...]