Pizza and Soda Apology

One of the more bizarre oil and gas stories recently involves an explosion at a natural gas well operated by Chevron.  The well in question was in Bobtown, Pennsylvania and tragically took the life of one worker on site.   While Oil and Gas operators do take many precautions and are actively working toward a safe work environment, accidents happen due to the dangerous nature of the business.  After the explosion occurred, it took nearly a week for Chevron to fully contain the situation.  Local residents are concerned about the impact this may have environmentally and have been contacting Chevron for more information.

Residents in in the area were reportedly receiving a voucher for a free soda and pizza courtesy of Chevron.  Many residents in the area are outraged by the PR move due to the fact that this disaster claimed the life of one worker and has broader implications about safety on drilling sites.  Chevron has yet to comment about why the company offered pizza and soda.

One employee of Bobtown Pizza reported that Chevron ordered a total of 100 gift certificates to provide to residents in the area.  Many of the gift certificates have been handed out in Greene County, Pennsylvania located in the Marcellus Shale.    Residents in the area received both a letter from Chevron as well as the gift certificate to Bobtown Pizza.  Bobtown, a relatively small town with an official population of just 757 residents, was located closest to the Lanco 7H well owned by Chevron.

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