Fair value
for selling mineral rights

Trying to find the fair value for selling mineral rights?  You’ll likely find yourself hitting multiple dead ends.   Before you spend hours on google trying to find the answer, you need to understand that you will never find the fair value for selling mineral rights online.   Wait a minute, I can find the answer to anything online!  That’s true and you have been lucky enough to stumble across on of the few resources for mineral owners that will give you the truth.    We’re going to explain exactly why you will never find the fair value for selling mineral rights online.

Mineral Rights Market

To fully understand how mineral rights value is determined you need to understand what makes mineral rights unique.   There are two key factors that make determining the fair value of selling mineral rights impossible:

Volume:  Unlike the housing market and stock market where there are thousand of transactions a second that can tell you what the value is at a given point in time, it doesn’t work like this for mineral rights.   There is a much lower volume of sales occurring in mineral rights and the prices these properties are sold at is kept private!   What does this mean?  There is very little reliable information that you can find that will tell you the fair value for selling mineral rights.

Unique:  Every single mineral rights property is unique.  Your property may be located in the same state/county as someone and have an entirely different value.  In fact, you could have a property right next door to someone else’s and it could be worth substantially more or less.  What does this mean?  It means that even IF you could find reliable information about values in your area your property is unique and shouldn’t be compared to the other properties sold.

How Mineral Rights Value is Determined

The best way to think about the mineral rights market is to look at it like art.  Every single piece of art is unique.  When you sell a piece of art, the value is highly dependent on having the right buyer in the audience.   The right buyer may value a Picasso at $1,000,000 when everyone else thought it was only worth $500,000.    Mineral rights work exactly the same way!

The fair value for selling mineral rights is determined based on getting your property in front of a large market of buyers.  This allows buyers to compete against one another ensuring that you get a fair value for selling mineral rights.  Your goal is to find that buyer who is going to value your unique property at the highest possible price.

How to get fair value for selling mineral rights

If you want fair value for selling mineral rights we recommend you list the property at US Mineral Exchange.   By doing so you are listing your property on the equivalent of the MLS for mineral rights.   This notifies buyers that you property is on the market.    Buyers will then start competing against one another driving up the price and putting more cash in your pocket.     This allows you to find that unique buyer who will value your property higher than any other buyer.

When you want to determine the fair value for selling mineral rights placing it online is your best option.  It allows mineral rights buyers from all over the country to compete for your property.

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