Marcellus Shale
Pollution Complaints

The number of Marcellus Shale Pollution Complaints for 2013 is being finalized and numbers are starting to become available.  Each state reports the number of pollution complaints so that residents are aware of potential pollution concerns in their area.  Check your state below to determine the number of pollution complaints.  Keep in mind that not all pollution complaints represent actual pollution, they simply represent citizens who believe pollution may be present.

Oil & Gas Pollution Complaints by State


2013:  398 complaints
2012:  499 complaints

Year over year, the number of pollution complaints in Pennsylvania has decreased by 20%.  This significant decrease may be attributed to better understanding of Oil & Gas activity in the area.


2013: 40 (unconfirmed)
2012: 59

The number of Oil & Gas pollution complaints in Ohio has decreased year over year by approximately 30%.

Oil and Gas Pollution

There are a few significant factors worth considering when discussion Oil & Gas pollution.  While there has been a media frenzy surrounding pollution, consider these factors:


The media alone is responsible for pushing a large amount of the oil and gas pollution fear.  Public safety stories garner significant attention and including corporate America is a recipe for a success (lots of attention) story.  It’s important to check the facts before believing every story you read. 

Other Pollution

Have you considered that the numbers above only include Oil & Gas related pollution complaints?  What about other types of pollution? Pollution comes from a wide variety of sources that aren’t specific to Oil & Gas.  It’s important to remember that pollution isn’t an Oil & Gas specific problem and that we must look at all sources of pollution to determine what safety steps need to be taken.

Oil & Gas

In the large majority (over 95%) of pollution complaints related to Oil & Gas, not pollution is detected.  In addition, when pollution is detected it is rarely cause for public concern and can be quickly remedied.  The Oil & Gas industry spends millions annually to prevent pollution in their operations and clean up pollution that does occur.

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