Value of Mineral Rights
in Harrison County Ohio

If you want to know about the value of mineral rights in Harrison County Ohio we can help.  This free guide will explain everything you need to know about value.   Whether you are currently receiving royalties, have non-producing mineral rights, or simply curious this guide will help.   Find out the value of mineral rights in Harrison County Ohio below.

How to estimate the value of mineral rights

If you have non-producing mineral rights and do not receive a royalty check, the value is difficult to determine.  You could expect anywhere from $750/acre to $3,000+/acre depending on your location in the county.  If you are currently leased, that will also play a role in how much your mineral rights are worth.   As a general rule of thumb, you can expect around 2x to 3x the lease bonus amount.

Keep in mind that the value of mineral rights in Harrison County Ohio that are non-producing will vary. All buyers value a property differently.  Each buyer does their own analysis of the value.  There are no public records that show you what minerals are selling for. This makes estimating the value for non-producing mineral rights difficult.

However, when speaking about producing mineral rights, it’s a little easier to estimate.  The reason is that the value is based on the amount of your royalties.  Most mineral rights buyers are willing to pay between 4 years to 6 years of the average royalty check.  If you know the average amount you receive each moth you can quickly get an estimate.  The value of mineral rights in Harrison County Ohio for producing mineral rights can be estimated below:

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Most buyers will pay between 4 years and 6 years of production based on the average monthly royalty check you receive. Enter your average monthly royalty check below to see how much your royalty could be worth.

The royalty calculator above allows you to see the value of mineral rights in Harrison County Ohio.

How to get Maximum Value for Mineral Rights

If you want to get the best value of mineral rights in Harrison County Ohio, the key is locating buyers.  Many mineral owners make the mistake of selling mineral rights below market value.  They do this because they will talk with 1 or 2 buyers and then select the best offer. This seems like a smart way to sell mineral rights in Harrison County Ohio but it’s not.   The key to maximum value is exposure for your property.

To sell mineral rights for maximum value we recommend you list the property at US Mineral Exchange.  When you list your property online it allows you to find the true market value.  Buyers from all over the country will be able to bid on your property.  This create competition for the property. This competition pushes the price higher and puts more cash in your pocket!

Another reason we recommend US Mineral Exchange is that they don’t charge anything to list.  You can list your property for free and see what offers come in.  You don’t have to accept any offer you receive which is nice.

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