Oil and Gas Royalties
in Wetzel County West Virginia

Are you currently receiving oil and gas royalties in Wetzel County West Virginia?  If so, you are in one of the most active oil and gas counties in the state.  With the shale oil boom making it possible to explore for oil in places we couldn’t in the past, the value of Wetzel County mineral rights has gone up significantly in value.   Even with the recent decline in oil prices that is affecting every mineral owner in West Virginia, you still own property in one of the best counties in the state. There are a large number of mineral rights buyers who would be interested in evaluating your property for purchase.  However, you should carefully consider all of your available options.  Not all buyers are created equal!  You should spend a little time learning about your oil and royalties in Wetzel County West Virginia and our goal is to help you do that!

How to Value Oil and Gas Royalties in Wetzel County West Virginia

Let’s just skip right to the best part shall we? If you have oil and gas royalties in Wetzel County West Virginia, you probably want to know how much they are worth right?  No problem!  We can help you quickly estimate the value of your royalties.   All you need to know is the amounts you have most recently received.   Take the average of the last 3 months of check stubs to come up with an average monthly amount.  Once you have that, simply enter it in the first box below:

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Most buyers will pay between 4 years and 6 years of production based on the average monthly royalty check you receive. Enter your average monthly royalty check below to see how much your royalty could be worth.

Pretty sweet deal right!  If you had $1,000/month in royalty income (on average) you could get anywhere from $48,000 to $72,000 for selling oil and gas royalties in Wetzel West Virginia.  The cool part is that you might actually get a whole lot more when you sell.   If your property is located in one of the better parts of Wetzel county West Virginia, you might get substantially more than the calculator above is show!  The value of oil and gas royalties is affected by many factors so giving an exact amount is impossible.  However, the calculator above is a pretty good estimate!

How to Maximize Value for Oil and Gas Royalties

Let’s take a quick break from oil and gas royalties and talk about home ownership.  Why? Many people are familiar with buyer and selling a home. When you sell a home, what’s the first thing you do?  You have to decide if you’re going to sell the house on your own or hire a realtor to sell the house for you. Why would you hire a realtor to sell the house?  There are two main reasons:

1 – Time
2 – Marketing Exposure

If you hire a realtor, that realtor already knows everything that needs to happen to get your property ready for sale.  From taking picture, to brochures, to open houses, a realtor will make sure that your property is shown at it’s best.   This means buyers will see a great property and want to make an offer.   The realtor ends up saving you a significant amount of time.  You don’t have to put all of this information together yourself.

Just as important, a real estate agent knows how to get your property in front of the buyers.  They will work with their network of real estate agents, and also list your home on the MLS to get you the highest price.

Why is all this important to mineral rights?

Because selling mineral rights and royalties is no different.  You need to get your property in front of a large network of buyers who will compete against each other to pay the highest price.  You want your property to get maximum exposure so you can put maximum dollars in your pocket!  How do you do this?

Our recommendation is US Mineral Exchange.  The reason is that they have been helping mineral owners sell oil and gas royalties in Wetzel County West Virginia for years.  They will likely have multiple offers on the table for you very quickly so you can evaluate all of them and then select the best one that meets your needs.   In addition, they help walk you through each step of the process which makes it incredibly easy to do.   You could waste hours talking with dead beat buyers who pay below market value, or create a single listing at US Mineral Exchange and then let the buyers come to you.    We’ve talked with a lot of mineral owners who have had success working with US Mineral Exchange which is why we so highly recommend their service.

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