Where to Sell

Once you have determined whether to sell your royalties and how to sell royalties, it’s now time to determine where you want to sell your royalties.  As a royalty owner, you have many options available to sell your royalties.  However, not all options will provide you with the most value for your royalties.  Below we’ll help you understand the different options available when selling royalties.

Letters received in the mail

As a royalty owner, your records are on file for tax purposes which can be accessed publicly.  Some companies research these records to determine how much you are receiving in royalties and then make an offer via regular mail. These offers are seldom the best option for selling your royalties because these companies profit by purchasing at well below market value.  Selling your royalties through one of these offers latter is rarely going to be the best price for your royalties.

We buy royalties websites

There are a number of websites that offer to purchase your minerals.  You simply enter the details about your property and how much you are receiving and they promise a “top dollar offer” for your royalties.  The reason these websites are not in your best interests is because each website only represents a single buyer.  When you sell your royalties, you want to get your royalties in front of as many buyers as possible so the buyers compete to pay you the highest price possible.   There are literally hundreds of websites offering to purchase your royalties, but shopping your royalties around to all these websites can be time consuming and frustrating.

Local Royalties Brokers

In most areas, there are a few local brokers offering to market your royalties and mineral rights.  While local brokers may be an acceptable option in some cases, when selling your royalties having someone local will not typically bring you the highest price.  The reason is that these brokers will typically work with only buyers in their area and may not have the same connections throughout the United States to ensure you are getting a true market value.  With royalties, your properties location is a very small contributor to the sales price so you want to get your property in front of as many potential buyers as possible.

Our Recommendation – US Mineral Exchange

When we speak with mineral owners who are receiving royalties, we always recommend the services of US Mineral Exchange.  The reason we recommend them is because they work to provide you with the highest price possible for your royalties. They do not purchase royalties and also have the lowest commission in the entire industry for getting your royalties sold.  Most important is the fact that their listing platform reaches thousands of buyers nationwide.   By listing your property with US Mineral Exchange you get your property in front of a huge pool of buyers who all compete to bring you the highest price possible.

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