Mineral Rights Value
in Columbiana County Ohio

When we speak to mineral owners, one of the most common questions is about value. You might be wondering about mineral rights value in Columbiana County Ohio.   Whether it’s Columbiana County Ohio or anywhere else in Ohio, the value of your mineral rights is going to depend on many factors. While we can’t give you an exact mineral rights value in Columbiana County Ohio, we can help you better understand the value. Use this free guide as a resource to better understand mineral rights value in Columbiana County Ohio or anywhere else in Ohio.

Factors affecting Mineral Rights Value in Columbiana County Ohio

If you have spent any time searching through google trying to find mineral rights value, it can be extremely difficult. There is no reliable place to find information.  Instead what you will find is a thousand buyers all out there trying to get you to submit your information and they’ll make you an offer. The reason you can’t find any reliable information is because:

1. Buyers don’t want to post a high number if you would take less
2. There are many factors that affect value and value changes quickly

Since there are so many things that affect the value, it’s impossible to come up with an exact value unless you sell mineral rights in Columbiana County Ohio.   Once you sell, you will get some offers in the door and see what the market is willing to pay. Until then, here are some of the things that play a role in the value:

  • Location within the county
  • Oil and Gas Prices
  • Surrounding Production
  • Operators in the area
  • Lease Status / Lease Terms
  • Timing
  • Many more!

As you can see, the mineral rights value in Columbiana County Ohio is not going to be easy to peg down. If any one of the factors above changes, it could materially affect the price.   However, in our experience non-producing mineral rights (no royalties being produced) are going to be worth anywhere from $500/acre to $4,000+/acre in Columbiana County.

How to Maximize Mineral Rights Value in Columbiana County Ohio

If you want to get maximum mineral rights value in Columbiana County Ohio, it’s extremely important to sell mineral rights the right way. How do you sell mineral rights the right way?   Many mineral owners make the mistake of visiting a few websites and submitting their information. They get a few offers back, sell to the highest bidder and call it a day.  The reason this is such a big mistake is that you have no idea if the offers you got were fair. To truly get maximum value you need to get your property in front of a HUGE amount of buyers and let them all compete against one another.

The most practical way to get maximum value is to list your property where all buyers can see it and then make bids for your property.  We recommend listing at US Mineral Exchange because their service charges nothing to list it and you aren’t obligated to accept any offers.   By listing your property online, you can then get competing offers from buyers all over the country.   This drives up offer prices and ensures you get fair market value.

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