Oil Decline
Continues to Drag on Market

With oil prices continuing to fall, the market is not sure when the pain will end.   This downturn in oil prices has everyone in the market concerned about where the long term price of oil will be.   It’s unlikely we will see any stabilization in oil prices soon.   Unfortunately for mineral owners, this adds another hurdle to selling their mineral rights.  Even still, it’s possible to sell your mineral rights for the right price if you just know how to sell mineral rights.

Oil and Gas Prices reducing activity

One of the side effect of lower oil and gas prices is a decline in activity.    When oil and gas prices are lower, this means that the entire industry begins to scale back on their investment.  The reason this happens is that over supply in the marketplace makes drilling less profitable.   With less profitability, Oil and Gas companies will start looking for ways to save money and also focus their dollars in the places with the most return.  What does this mean for mineral owners?  In some cases it can have a mild effect with slightly lower prices for selling royalties and selling mineral rights.   However, in other places it can mean a drastic decline in activity and an extremely reduced price for selling.   Certain counties in Ohio which were once some of the best, are now finding it more difficult to get their properties sold.

With Texas Freaking out about the decline in oil prices, you can bet that everywhere in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania will also be affected.   We have spoken with a number of mineral owners recently who have already seen the decline in activity.   We recently had one mineral owner who said, “I was offered $6,000/acre just 3 months ago for my property, now I can’t find anyone who will pay more than $3,000/acre”.   One of the most common mistakes that mineral owners make is expecting the value of their mineral rights to always go higher.  Unlike a house, mineral rights fluctuate wildly in value.  One week they can be worth thousands and acre, and the next close to nothing because of a few dry holes and less than desired prices.

Impact on Mineral Owners

If you are considering selling royalties or selling mineral rights in the Marcellus Shale, it’s important to keep an eye on oil and gas prices.  The value of royalties can move drastically up and down with changes in oil pricing.  Even still, if you want to sell, you can still find buyers out there who are willing to pay you a fair price if you just do it the right way.  If you have questions about your mineral rights, simply fill out the form below.  We’d be happy to help answer your questions:

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