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Do you own mineral rights in Tyler County West Virginia?  If so, you may be interested to learn how you can lease mineral rights in Tyler County West Virginia.  If so, this article will help walk you through everything you need to know.  Whether you’ve already received an offer to lease mineral rights, or you are currently trying to figure out how to lease mineral rights, you’re in the right spot!

Offer to Lease Mineral Rights

If you’ve received an offer to lease mineral rights, you’re probably wondering whether the offer you received was fair.  If you’re in this situation, we would be happy to help talk to you about the offer you received.  Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll help answer any questions you may have.   The worst thing you can do when you receive an offer to lease mineral rights in  Tyler County West Virginia is take the first thing that’s offered!   Get in touch with us and let us tell you how we can help.

How to Lease Mineral Rights

If you’re interested in leasing mineral rights, the first thing you need to do is pull together documentation that shows how much you own and where your property is located.  If your property has been leased in the past, you can locate this information on  past lease agreement.  If not, your deed should have all the information you need.    If you don’t have either of these documents, there are other ways to determine how much you own but they could cost a little money.

Once you know how much you own and the location, you now need to find the right place to lease your mineral rights.  We recommend that you list them online with a company like US Mineral Exchange.   Listing your mineral rights online is a great way to let buyers know that your property is available for lease.  Operators will view the listings, then work through US Mineral Exchange to lease your mineral rights.   The nice thing about going with US Mineral Exchange is that they will help negotiate all the best lease terms possible for you.

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