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If you have received an offer to lease mineral rights in the Marcellus, you want to determine if that offer is really the best you can get!  As a mineral owner, your goal is to maximize the value of your mineral rights by ensuring that when you sign a lease you have the best possible lease agreement terms and you have realized the full value of your mineral rights.  This post will help you better understand how to get fair market value for an offer to lease mineral rights.

Fair Offer to Lease Mineral Rights?

Once you receive an offer to lease mineral rights, you want to ensure that the offer is a fair offers.   Understanding the value of leasing your mineral rights is important, but how do you really know you’re getting a fair deal?   One of the most important things you need to know when considering an offer is that a single offer does NOT represent the entire market.  The offer you received may be a fair market value, but without having multiple offers there’s no way to ensure that you are getting fair market value.

How to determine Fair Market Value

Since you need multiple offers to determine the fair market value of leasing mineral rights, you need to find a way to get your property in front of a large number of companies who can make an offer to lease mineral rights.  The best way to do this is by listing your property at US Mineral Exchange.  By listing your property online, you will get exposure from all over the country.   This creates competition among operators to lease your mineral rights which drives prices up.   When operators are competing to pay you the highest price, you benefit by getting a better lease bonus, better terms, and knowing that you’re getting the full market value.  We consistently find that mineral owners who lease through US Mineral Exchange receive more for their property than owners who choose to lease their property to the first person that makes an offer.

How to negotiate an offer to Lease Mineral Rights

Once you receive and offer to lease mineral rights in the Marcellus, you now want to negotiate the best possible lease terms.   While you may be able to negotiate better terms, the best way to ensure you maximize the value of the lease offer is to get other operators to compete.   A single offer is a great way to get other operators interested in the property, which create competition among operators.  Doing so allows operators to negotiate against each other to pay the highest possible price for leasing mineral rights.   This is the reason we also recommend listing your property with US Mineral Exchange because they will be able to bring additional operators to the table to compete to pay a higher price.   In addition, US Mineral Exchange can handle all the negotiations among the operators to save you the hassle while maximizing the value of your property.

As a mineral owner, it’s important to maximize the value of your property when you receive an offer to lease mineral rights.  We talk with mineral owners every day who have questions or concerns about leasing their mineral rights. Simply fill out the contact form below and we’ll be in touch:

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