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Have you recently been with a West Virginia lease bonus offer for your mineral rights?  If so, you may be wondering how much the value of leasing your mineral rights is worth. If you’ve been approached with a West Virginia lease bonus offer, the most important thing to you can do is seek professional help evaluating the offer.   There are many brokers out there who will offer to lease your property for less than it’s worth and then immediately sell your lease and make thousands of dollars.

Evaluating a West Virginia Lease Bonus Offer

To evaluate a lease offer you have received, there are a few things you need to know.  Here is the information you need available to properly evaluate the offer:

  • Individual name and/or company name who made the offer
  • Lease Bonus Amount
  • Royalty Percentage
  • Lease Term
  • Lease Term Extension

Once you have this information, we highly recommend you fill out the form below.  We can walk you through the offer you have received and help you weigh the pro’s and con’s of the offer.    Before you accept any offer, it’s important to know how all the terms of the offer (above) will affect you personally.

Lease Bonus Inquiry

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Important things to Know

If you have received a West Virginia Lease Bonus offer, there are a few important things you need to know:

Accepting an Offer:  NEVER immediately accept a lease bonus offer.   You should never be pressured by a landman or a broker to accept an offer to lease your mineral rights.  Any offer that comes with a 24 hour deadline or some other deadline to accept the offer should be seen as a red flag.  Any legitimate offer will give you the opportunity to evaluate the offer and do some research before accepting.

Negotiation: A lease bonus offer is just the beginning.  You are allowed, and it’s very common, to negotiate the terms that are originally proposed and try to get the best possible deal for yourself.  Many mineral owners who receive a West Virginia Lease Bonus offer are not familiar with the oil and gas industry.  That’s ok!  We can help you negotiate the best possible terms for your lease by contacting us using the form above.

Lease Terms: While the lease bonus amount is important, there are other factors of the lease agreement termsthat are just as important.   The royalty percentage that is being offered should be one of the main things you focus on in the lease agreement because it determines how much of the oil and gas production you will receive in the future.  This can be substantially more than the initial lease bonus amount.

Free Consultation

If you own mineral rights and have questions, fill out the free consultation form below.  We can help you with the following questions:

No matter what question you have regarding your mineral rights, we can help!  We usually respond to your inquiry within 1 to 2 hours!

Whether you want to sell mineral rights, determine mineral rights value, or simply have some basic questions regarding your mineral rights ownership, fill out the form and we will quickly be in touch.

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